talc of florence

  • Placchette Mangiaodori are perfumed cards that represent an evolution in the field of "communication through smell": the unpleasant odours disappear and the perfumed cards give off an amazing long lasting fragrance. They can be used into the cupboards, drawers, small spaces, cars etc. Available in "Rose Milk" or "Talc Florence" fragrances.

  • "Talc of Florence" refill perfumed cards. Pack of 15 pieces.

  • Deodorising spray with special odour-eating formula with Talc of Florence fragrance.

    • It eliminates bad odours thanks to its special active ingredients
    • It can be used on both textiles and air
    • Intense and long-lasting fragrance
    • It can be used on all kind of textiles
    • SALVATEX formula – it protects garments
    • No tests on animals
  • Highly concentrated essence with Talc fragrance for both laundry and dry cleaning.

    • Intense and long lasting fragrance
    • Professional concentrated formula
    • It can be used with every kind of detergent and softener
    • It doesn’t stain garments
    • It can be used for both laundry and dry cleaning (Perc)
    • Phosphate free