Rose Milk

  • Hygienfresh® Essence Rose Milk

    HYGIENFRESH® ESSENCE LATTE DI ROSA is a highly concentrated essence with the exclusive “Rose Milk” fragrance. Thanks to its mild formula it can be used with all detergents and softeners and does not cause any skin irritation. It can be used for laundry and dry cleaning.

  • Hygienfresh® Perfume Cards

    Hygienfresh® Placchette Mangiaodori are perfumed cards that represent an evolution in the field of "communication through smell": the unpleasant odours disappear and the perfumed cards give off an amazing long lasting fragrance. They can be used into the cupboards, drawers, small spaces, cars etc. Available in "Rose Milk" or "Talc Florence" fragrances.

  • Hygienfresh® Refill Perfume Cards Rose Milk

    Rose Milk refill perfumed cards. Pack of 15 pieces.

  • Hygienfresh® Sfeltrix - Anti-Felting

    HYGIENFRESH® SFELTRIX is the revolutionary silk protein based product that can replenish, strengthen and protect wool, silk and delicate garments.  Used together with standard detergents it prevents wool felting; it creates a protective layer on fibres to make them last longer. Used in every wash it maintains the original strength of fibres. Garments treated with Sfeltrix have an incomparable softness. SFELTRIX silk proteins also work on cotton!!! 

  • Hygienfresh® Softener Rose Milk

    HYGIENFRESH® SOFTENER LATTE DI ROSA is a highly concentrated scented softener with a pleasant “Rose Milk” fragrance  that absorbs and eliminates bad smells. The velosoft effect protects fabrics and gives them a pleasant handle.

  • Hygienfresh® Spray Rose Milk

    Fabric freshener with a special odour-eating formula. When used in wardrobes and drawers it eliminates unpleasant odours, releases a pleasant “Rose Milk” fragrance and has an important protective action for garments. If used in the rooms it eliminates unpleasant odours and gives a delicate refreshing fragrance.

  • Hygienfresh® Wool & Delicates

    HYGIENFRESH® DELICATI & LANA is a highly concentrated liquid deodetergent with a pleasant “Rose Milk” fragrance, for both hand washing and machine washing with an optimal degreasing effect even in cold wash cycle. It is delicate on colours and textiles and phosphate and alkaline free.

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