Lotus Flower

  • BIOLOTO is a complete enzymatic deodetergent effective against all kinds of stains even at low temperature. Lotus Flower fragrance.

  • ESSENCE FIOR DI LOTO is a highly concentrated essence with the exclusive “Lotus Flower” fragrance. Thanks to its mild formula it can be used with all detergents and softeners and does not cause any skin irritation. It can be used for laundry and dry cleaning.

  • Lotus Flower Essence is the deoessence with a special odour-eating formula. It is used to eliminate unpleasant odours from your garments and give them an exclusive delicate fragrance. Available in a counter display with 12x250ml bottles

  • SOFTENER FIOR DI LOTO is a highly concentrated scented softener with a pleasant “Lotus Flower” fragrance  that absorbs and eliminates bad smells. The velosoft effect protects fabrics and gives them a pleasant handle.

  • Fabric freshener with a special odour-eating formula. When used in wardrobes and drawers it eliminates unpleasant odours, releases a pleasant “lotus flower” fragrance and has an important protective action for garments. If used in the rooms it eliminates unpleasant odours and gives a delicate refreshing fragrance.