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Monday, 02 September 2019 09:51

MultiClean & Top Degreaser

We are pleased to announce an important expansion of HygienFresh Home Care line: besides floor detergents, air essences and washing up liquid, we have created two new spray products in a practical 750 ml bottle for domestic use!

The new MULTI-SURFACE detergent with Fresh Laundry fragrance!

Multi Clean is a specific product with a high cleaning power on all surfaces: glass, mirrors, chandeliers, wardrobes, shelves… a real asset for home care!

However, its great versatility is only one of the characteristics that make this product unique and indispensable. It dries quickly and does not leave any rings. Moreover, thanks to its antistatic action while it cleans, it captures dust and releases a pleasant fresh and clean scent in the air!

It is no longer necessary to buy dozens of products to clean all the surfaces of your home!
With Multi Clean the secret of perfumed cleanliness is enclosed in a spray!

The new universal DEGREASER! It degreases and cleans!

Spray Top Degreaser on all kinds of dirt: the professional effectiveness and high quality of this special spray detergent allow you to degrease, remove stains and deep clean all surfaces! Ideal to eliminate grease, encrustations and oil stains.

Ovens and stoves, grills and hotplates, work surfaces and shutters, bicycle and car gears…
You can also use it as a pre-spotting agent on clothes: *spray it directly on the stain, the powerful formula of Top Degreaser acts in a specific way on dirt.

Discover the whole HygienFresh household line
and start making your home unique at once!


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