These are the products that gave birth to the HygienFresh brand and allowed him to stand out for quality and professionalism
  • Deo Sprays

    Deo Sprays

    All HygienFresh DeoSprays have been created with a special Odour-eliminating Formula.They neutralise the unpleasant smells in the wardrobe, leave a wonderful fragrance and have an important protective effect on fabrics.They replace the unpleasant smells in the air with a delicate perfume that can stir up emotions.
  • Deo Softeners

    Deo Softeners

    All HygienFresh DeoSofteners have been created with a special Odour-eliminating Formula that absorbs and neutralises unpleasant odours. Moreover, the Super-concentrated Formula allows you to achieve excellent results with a small quantity of product. Available in 9 pleasant, intense and long-lasting fragrances. The “velosoft” effect protects fabrics and makes them incredibly soft.
  • Deo Essences for Laundry

    Deo Essences for Laundry

    All HygienFresh® Essences are highly concentrated essences with exclusive fragrances. Thanks to their delicate formula they can be used with all detergents and softeners and do not cause any skin irritation. They can be used for both laundry and dry cleaning.
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